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Those entering Cuba directly from the United States (as a last country) must buy the visa (travel card) in US territory. Unfortunately, they cannot buy this visa (travel card) in any other country.

Flying to Cuba from US is just possible under some categories of travels issued under general licenses by US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC). None of them is tourism. Regulations imposed by US government for travelling to Cuba are only applicable for US citizen which means Australian passport holders do not need to comply with them.

We recommend you to check out in advance with the airline you are flying to Cuba with, about the process for obtaining the Tourist Card at the moment.

Please, be aware, that the Tourist Card for travelling from the United States into Cuba is pink (as bellow) and not green.

Yes, it is. The difference is that Tourist Card doesn’t need to be sticked it in the passport. This option allow travelers to obtain an entry of Cuba faster and secure.

If you don’t want a Tourist Card you can apply for A-1 visa for tourism as well. Further details in A-1 visa section.

Cuban authorities request from travellers who visit the Island a travel insurance policy with medical expenses coverage, as a requirement for entering the country. Travellers can purchase such a policy in their country of residence, prior to their trip, but they can also purchase it at their arrival in Cuba, just at the point of entering. The cost is:

  • $2.50 CUC per day for people under 70 years old and
  • $4.50 CUC per day for people over 70 years old.

ASISTUR is the leading company in Cuba specialized in rendering insurance assistance services to visitors since 1991. Further information, visit its website.

Cuban currency (CUC) is not valid or expendable outside the Cuban territory. Travelers can exchange their currency at banks, hotels, and exchange houses (CADECA) in Cuba. CADECA offices are located at airports, hotels, resorts, and shopping centers.

Next foreign currencies are accepted for be exchanged:

Further information, visit the Cuban Central Bank website. (Click here)

Due to US blockade against Cuba, credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks are not accepted in Cuba if issued by US Banks or Australian Banks affiliated with US Banks. People must check it out directly with their banks prior the departure.

We recommend take enough supply of cash for visiting Cuba in case bank cards do not work.

Please, note that the maximum cash amount permitted without declaring before Cuban custom authorities is $5000 USD or its equivalent in another currency. In the case you travel with more than previous amount you must to declare it.

General Customs of the Republic of Cuba is the Cuban border control agency (ADUANA). You can check the updated regulations in its website: click here.