Visa A-1

Step by step for applying via post or in person

Preparare your documents

1) Signed and completed Application Form (Click here)

2) Passport size Photo (in colour and a hard copy).

3) Passport (must be valid for 6 months from the date that you enter Cuba).

4) Copy of your whole Flight Itinerary (showing your name/s and all the flights and stops of your trip).

5) Copy of your booked accommodation. If you don’t have your booking voucher and are going on a tour, please include the tour’s name and the part of the itinerary showing that the accommodation is included.

6) A document where you declare that the purpose of your travel to Cuba is only for tourism. This document must be certified by a Notary.

7) A bank statement showing that you have enough money to spend in Cuba as a tourist, as confirmation of economic solvency.

Make the transaction

Fee of 175 AUD (163.00 AUD per application plus 12 AUD of an express with signature on delivery envelope). You should make a bank transfer to the account below.

Please, don´t forget to include your name in the description field and send us the transaction receipt once it´s done:


BSB: 882000

Account Number: 100151162


Note that the payment is required to process the visa so, please do it in advance.

Send us your documents


Send us the documents required in Step 1 to:  POBOX 4433, Manuka, ACT, 2603

Further information

About documentS and time framE

If applicants fulfill all the documentation required the visa may be issued in three working days or even less time once the bank transfer has been uploaded to “Consulate of Cuba” account. The rest of the time until visa arrival depends on the postage option selected from then Australia Post Network.

be updated on the status of your visa

The information supplied in  the email field of the app form, will be used for sending notifications regarding the status (documentation received, payment completed and visa issued) of the visa granting process.

about the A-1 Visa

  • The A-1 visa is sticked in the passport.
  • The A-1 visa is a single-entry visa which allows travelers to enter Cuba for touristic purposes for a maximum stay of 30 days starting from the date of entry to Cuba.
  • The A-1 visa can be extended for another 30 days while in Cuba, before Immigration Offices. 
  • The A-1 visa is non transferable and non refundable, unless a mistake is committed during the issuing process by the Cuban Consulate.

about postage and delivery

  • The delivery company that our office use is Australia Post. By completing in the app form “Address for sending the visa” section, the client agrees with the terms and conditions of Australia Post services. Click here for visit its website.
  • Envelopes only can be delivery within Australia’s territory.
  • The Consulate of Cuba takes no responsibility in case of delayed deliveries or lost envelopes. 
  • Those who are applying as a group, can choose to pay  only once the postage fee. Then, visas will be sent together to the same address.
  • Clients can select the type of preferred envelope:


Time frame: 3-5 working days.
Cost: $9 AUD
A signature upon delivery is required. This service includes $100 AUD of extra cover.


Time frame: next working day.
Cost: $9 AUD
Standard option

Express (with signature on delivery)

Time frame: next working day.
Cost: $12 AUD
A signature upon delivery is required. In case of lost Australia Post takes responsability

Express Platinum

Time frame: next working day guaranteed.
Cost: $17 AUD
A signature upon delivery is required. This service includes $100 AUD of extra cover.


All the data provided to the Consulate of Cuba will be used exclusively for the visa process, and will remain always confidential.